About Us

Comics Gone Bad, originally titled “Good Comics Gone Bad” because of an ongoing dispute between the ownership is a clash of wills over what funnies should be. The ownership has hired cartoonist Jeff Swenson as well as infamous adult cartoonist and writer Comstock to create new funnies for visitors. The problem is, should the comics be good as in “traditional clean comic strips” like the newspapers or should it go bad and feature the characters nude and in adult situations. It is yet to be determined.

Negotiations are currently transpiring and so the compromise has been reached to start posting series from cartoonist Jeff Swenson’s collection and leave Comstock on retainer. Comstock will be “unleashed” for a lack of a better word if the readers decide they want their good comics to go bad and can indicate their choice by registering with the site.

Cartoonist Jeff Swenson has been drawing online comics and strips since 2000 and is known for the series The Cynic and Frenetic Funnies. His work has been collected into print and is available on Amazon.com. It has also been collected for wireless reading in the form of Iphone Apps in partnership with Unicorn Multimedia. He continues to freelance, creating political cartoons, animations, scripts, and illustrations for clients.

Comstock (real name unknown) is an adult cartoonist and writer working on the web since the late nineties. He is known primarily for bad taste, an exposed personal life within his comics documenting relationship downfalls, and has worked for several adult sites creating “innappropriate humor” for people willing to pay to see what is essentially “porn,” a title for his work that he dismisses. He has drawn work for Bang Bros, animated cartoons distributed online through Hustler, and written scripts for EadultComics in addition to work for a variety of paysites. As of late he has not been active with his artwork, but has agreed to write for ComicsGoneBad.com if they choose, as he puts it, “…to stop being p*ssies.”

Good Comics Gone Bad is currently run the ownership of Lange and Levid. Arthur Lange is wanting to keep the site running with traditional comics but will allow for PG13 humor as a compromise. However, his venture partner Daniel Levid is proposing a funnies site comparable to what can be seen on Premium Cable and is fiercely pushing for R-rated comics and even Unrated comics. Says Levid, “I’m not talking about porn, mind you. I’m talking about humor that keeps up with the times and that means adult situations. If the readers don’t want it, then they don’t have to sign up as members.”

The current agreement between the two parties is “Let the Readers Decide.” Visitors to the site can register if they want their Good Comics to go Bad. Once the membership reaches a certain level an email alert will be sent out to view the new material. Until then, comics posted will be daring to some extent, but not push into the R-rated category. Says Lange, “And I’m developing strips that are old-fashioned, ones that will reach people’s hearts. There’s no need for a membership and definitely no need for R-rated comics or anything obscene.”

Lange & Levid have been in business for numerous years developing sales sites for a variety of products. Both are rabid comic strip fans and this is their first venture into creating an entertainment comics site. The disagreement is simply over what kind of comic strips should be allowed. Let the reader decide.