The Twins


Mya and Deborah Sheeran

Los Angeles.
Being twins can be an occupation.
First of all being orphaned twins is not the kind of start which leads to an ordinary life. Then add to that their friend Joovia who insists on being their role model and mentor and you have some mixed up twins.

Both of the twins like fast and powerful cars–even more than Joovia sometimes! They drive recklessly and have a glove compartment full of tickets–which Joovia told them they didn’t have to pay as long as they wrote the Judge a note on how sorry they were for going 100 miles per hour past the drive thru window and some other incidents involving make up, changing into party dresses and watching videos on their iPods.

Actually only Mya managed to get a driver’s license but Debby feels entitled since their twins and she can tell the cops she is her sister when pulled over (how would they know the difference?!).

While they are twins and enjoy their own world with a special twin language, they would never do ridiculous pranks like impersonating each other to go out with each other’s dates (okay, there was that one time in highschool, but that was only one time and Mya wasn’t even sure which boy was her date anyways).  Their ‘wild sides’ do not include hurting anyone’s feelings, at least not intentionally. They do, however, like to hang out with real biker gangs–and they insist that they be real. Those dorks last summer that picked them up for a date on ten speeds got an earful.

Debby is voluntarily unemployed and never pursued a career in her still young life unless being promiscuous counts as career. Mya is more responsible, pays the bills, buys the groceries and takes care of her sister–unfortunately no one takes care of Mya (except for the advice of Joovia who sometimes needs to be advised on her advice).You can meet them: Joovia