Asians Are Cute

A cute comic strip about Asian hot baristas.

When it comes to women, I admittedly have a preference for Asians, Hispanics and Indians (the kind that work in customer service, not the ones we stole land from in America). Something about the skin color turns me on. I’m involved with an Hispanic woman who is probably too good for me but I don’t act like it around her so she hasn’t caught on. She is very disapproving when I draw other women though. I started a fantasy painting with an Asian girl in the nude next to some snake-like creature and I kept getting death stares from her. Never did finish that painting.

Now I know, if readers are following this storyline that I am perpetuating a stereotype about Asians–but then cartooning wallows in stereotypes. I will try to balance it out with some humor about white women. I never had much luck with white girls myself (yes, I’m white–full Swede). They always seemed so snooty. Except for stoners and goth girls–I liked them back in the day. I probably deserved any snootiness though, I had plenty of issues including my supposedly rebellious appearance.