Happy Holidays from CGB Comics

Yes, Tis the Season to read holiday comics. Take a sip of hot chocolate or rummed up eggnog and before all the animated specials come on the tube, spend some time with ComicsGoneBad.com.

Joovia Meets Santa – First page of a two parter that has Santa in a sweat. What would you do if you had the hottest redhead in webcomics come sit on your lap…no, you can’t do that in public, there are kids present. The next page posts on Christmas week. We also have New Year’s comics coming, freshly written by creator Attila Jancsina.

Christmas Horror with Halloween Funnies – I told you I would draw it. Santa makes a h-u-u-ge mistake with the naughty and nice list. While morbid, it is still a festive funny and one that you can share with your friends that have a twisted sense of humor, unless you feel like offending that office co-worker who is too sensitive.

Quax Ending Next Week – The experiment winds down on a creepy note after Claude has sex with what he thinks is Lindsay Lohan. Membership required as well as a taste for the bizzare.

Looking for more Holiday comics? – He’s not your usual comic strip character and he’s not looking to play nice with the Christmas play at church. It’s “Grounded for Christmas” from 2006 with The Littlest Atheist from Freethunk.net. Then we have the 2008 special where The Littlest Atheist learns how to make Christmas his own in Claim the Farce.”┬áCute comic strip with touches of blasphemous humor. No need to be offended, he’s just a kid.

Also try Matt Newton’s Christmas Special, especially commissioned for Freethunk. You thought some of the stuff on CGB was bad, Matt is insane.