Joovia Christmas, Blonde News, and a Christmas Cartoon

This was kind of a mellow week, it always is after a holiday break. We’ve mainly added our usual fare and made some decisions for 2011 comics.

Joovia’s Christmas Page – Ever hear of a “panties set” that cost a lot of money. George the biker has and it’s his secret gift. Joovia got George something too, hope it fits George’s big head. Just to dispel any rumors, George and Joovia are only roommates–but that doesn’t mean George still isn’t  a guy.

Classic Christmas Snowman Cartoon – Out of all of the one panel cartoons that I have drawn since 2000, there are ones that fail, ones that provide a quick laugh and ones that persist as favorites. This is one Christmas Cartoon that has persisted. Cute humor (but not too cute or blah cute).

Heather’s Blonde Adventures – So I made the wrap up announcement in comic strip form that the series will continue. People keep coming back and signing in to read it since it’s members only, among other features. There is a storyline I have been wanting to do for a long time, a parody of ghost hunting as well as a classic ghost story. I’m working on getting the script outline going and it will begin to appear in 2011.

Joovia’s Late Night – We have not updated recently due to some scheduling issues. Apologies. We’re hoping to right this wrong starting in 2011 as well. This is a supplement to the regular Joovia comic book.

I know this is a brief news post. I’m usually more productive but it seems like every time this year I get back aches that kill my ability to stay at a drawing table for long periods of time. And no, I’m not that old. I think it’s from just years of sitting hours on end doing artwork without stretching or taking a break. It’s amazing that I’m in relatively decent shape and not 400 pounds. Love to walk, listen to my next download (find a lot of indie metal on there) and still lift weights because it feels good around the shoulders. In the future, I hope cartoonists can get back replacements or even arm and hand replacements if the muscles are damaged. The only problem is they say that it takes years to develop the muscles needed to draw–muscles actually grow according to your persistence to become good at almost any talent. I think an artist’s worst fear is turning 80 and their body gives out on them; the joy of cartooning would be stolen away. …Man, I’m getting depressed. Better see if I can draw something funny.