Joovia Late Night Resumes and Other News

We’re halfway into the New Year and the work just piles on–but in a good way. Heather’s Blonde Adventures is scheduled to start in February. I’m writing the script right now with the tentative title of “The Legend of the Headless Hooker”. …Yes, it will be goofy and an excuse for gratuitous nudity.

Joovia, the ongoing Comic Book series, meanwhile has continued on. Last week she was embarrassed because she thought she knew what it was to be “Hollywood.” Turns out Hollywood types aren’t as down and dirty as we think.

Joovia Late Night, for the members section, has also resumed. Creator Attila and I are kicking about ideas this coming weekend so we can find a blend of sexiness and comic strip humor. There may be a nipple or two but it’s always very innocent (feel free to think dirty, we can’t stop you). Check out the first page of “How About a Hummer” from the first Late Night of the New Year.

I’ve also dug up some older, but questionable cartoons to put under Frenetic Funnies Extreme, again membership is required. The current post is about “Spicy Food.”

Facebook—I do have to announce I’ve finally joined Facebook (yes, yes, applause may be necessary). This is for my site so I’m calling myself Freethunk Jeff (if you want to do a search). Feel free to stop by and demand to be my friend. Also, the Official Facebook page of is now up here. Don’t forget that ComicsGoneBad has its Facebook page listed here.

I’m also adding material in the Membership section at as we’re trying to build up the library of available features. Regarding bad taste, I’ve posted two pages from the series Sunday School Girl Bimbos. This was a project sitting on the shelf for several years and I dusted it off and said, “Hey, why not.” Lowbrow humor with jiggly art. I’ll try to add a page a week until the storyline is finished. You can find the first pages of this series under the Comics tab (if signed in). There’s also a comic in very poor taste about–well, no need to say about who, but it’s under the Freethunk Cartoons tab (Freethunk Extreme). Yeah, if you’re sensitive about such stuff don’t bother.