The Boobs Guide

The Boobs Guide
Written by Comstock
If your girlfriend or wife is reading this they will probably suggest you are “a boob.” And when confronted by a nice pair, it is indeed true–most men are turned into boobs by tits.

So The Boobs Guide recognizes this “fact” and it’s only intention is to expoit it. Certainly women can enjoy this information too because it is filled with trivia, humor and jokes about boobs, but it is shamelessly written for the immature. We wish we could show you all the boobs you’d want to see but right now we are limited by certain contraints. Sign up for a ComicsGoneBad membership to see some cartoons showing real boobs (well, not real “real” boobs, real cartoon boobs).

In lieu of that, this small feature simply salutes boobs and we’re not concerned about taking ourselves seriously. So enjoy.

Disclaimer: The author Comstock does not represent the views of CGB management. We just allow him to spout off now and again. NEXT PAGE