The Boobs Guide #4

Blowin BoobsWhere to Find Big Breasted Women Out of Shape:
1. Nursing Vocational Schools
2. School Bus Driver
3. School Cafeteria Worker
4. School Recess Volunteer
5. Elementary School Teacher
6. Pretty much anything to do with schools

In Shape:

1. The gym
2. Univision Weather Girls
3. Hollywood Auditions
4. Rap Videos
5. Heavy Metal Videos
6. GreenPeace (charity functions that is, not out on the open seas)

Fake Boobs:

1. Porno Set
2. Muscle Car Shows
3. Tattoo Parlors
4. Rednecks who suddenly win the lottery

Where not to find Boobs in general:

1. Comic Book Conventions
2. Star Trek Conventions
3. Star Wars Conventions
4. X-Files Conventions
5. Dark Shadows Conventions
6. Stargate Conventions
7. Video Game Conventions
8. Pretty much any convention involving superheroes, science fiction or games

Where to find Boobs in the past (as if you could time travel)

1. Russ Meyer film sets
2. Hippie communes
3. Among The French (WW2)
4. Fine Art (no one seems to object to Greek boobs)
5. Any documentary on Africa (because white TV execs were racist and don’t think black boobs need to be censored)

Activities Men Like to See Big Breasted Women Do
1. Mud Wrestling
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Trampoline
4. Deep Sea Diving
5. Space Exploration in Zero Gravity
6. Jogging
7. Hula Hoop
8. Reaching for top shelf items at the grocery store