What the Hell Happened to the ComicsGoneBad Staff?

Dan Levid Caricature

Yes, I finally managed to get my log in straightened out. If I didn’t know better, the webmaster is f@#*ing with me.

For the readers, since I haven’t posted yet, I’m Daniel Levid, usually called Dan or Levid since I hate the name Daniel (though with my employees I am in the lion’s den). If you’ve read any of Swenson’s posts you know we’re trying to be open and honest about the process of creating a comics site which is why I’m venting like this. I hope my pain can entertain. 

So here’s my first post: What the hell happened to my staff? And don’t give me the contractual  bullsh@#t, you’re an employed staff nonetheless. Last weekend, I was inundated with retarded emails about comic strip sizes, headers, font sizes and other pointless arguments I could care less about. This was between Swenson and Attila and they couldn’t seem to agree on anything.  I kept telling them to figure it out and not to include me. They went to Lange (my business partner) and of course he’s clueless when it comes to web design to begin with–his background is sales (which is why he doesn’t know much about comics, at least I have an art degree) so the argument kept going on and on.

Then Sunday night I get this weird email from Comstock–everything from Comstock is weird, you should see how this guy dresses, looks like a homeless guy (standard attire for adult cartoonists I guess). He writes me, “taking care of it, boss man.” Fine, I thought. While he’s a weird f@*k, at least he knows a thing or two about art so maybe he could intervene.

And intervene he must have because I have not heard a damn thing from all of them and it’s friggin’ Weds. We have a site to run. Lange fortunately had Attila’s login, so we posted the updates on our own.  And I know the staff have been visiting the site and having a good laugh at us because we got some random emails from a Yahoo account telling us what we did wrong and how to fix it.

I don’t know if this is a lesson to teach me and Lange that we need the guys or what, but I do know they’re reading so whatever drinking binge you’re on, get your sorry asses back to work. I’m f@*%ing serious. I’m working on advertising, I don’t have time to jerk around with this stuff. It’s no longer funny. Get the comics done and posted. They look good to me, whatever size or whatever font.