Quax Goes Bad

A comic strip once good, now goes bad. This was Quax, a regular comic strip started by one of our site owners as a traditional comic strip and now there’s blood in the water. Next week is when Quax will be included in the “adultish” section and will build up to some extreme mayhem. Basically, as the artist, I’m going to draw whatever I find to be funny or disturbing.

We just topped 1000 members on ComicsGoneBad.com, an amazing accomplishment since I told Attila, our webmaster and creator of Joovia, that we would be lucky to get ten. The difference with this site is that quite honestly we’re experimenting with funnies and keeping them on schedule.

Quax isn’t fine art or classic in any sense. It’s lowbrow and it will be taken to even lower brows (if that makes sense). This will not be the first and only comic strip to go from good to bad. Lange is working on another one and Levid has one in mind too–Levid has my warped sense of humor so we may be doing his idea next. But pretty much imagine what we are doing. What if you read your favorite comic strip for years and then suddenly the characters said “F**k this, let’s do something else”? It’s hard to see those kind of parodies unless you visit a porn site because we’re so afraid of copyright issues. When comic strips become so big they’re cultural icons I believe they should be ripped apart. Not for the sake of being vicious–I love traditional comics–but for the sake of making more comics about comics, different viewpoints, etc. That’s what art is about. It feeds on each other. The funnies are so damn static compared to literature and we love old stories but we rip them apart all the time to retell them.

I’ll be seeing you all next week in the members section as we see what will become of these comic strip ducks.

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