Valentine’s Day Cartoons

So to keep the CGB reader up to date, we’ve had some delays on starting Heather’s Blonde Adventuresfor the new series due to management squabbles. It is delayed for the time being until further notice but you can comment here to demand it as feedback which would probably help to turn the decision around. In the meantime, the sexy adventures of Joovia continues.

BUT as this is Valentine’s Week–okay, I extended it to a week but so did a bunch of TV channels and their sappy movie marathons–I am posting several Valentine Cartoonson my favorite pet project I also got Matt Newton of to chip in and give us a couple of favorites from his archives as well as two new exclusive cartoons. We’ve been calling it “Matt Newton’s Week of Cartoon Love.” Mixed in are my own cartoons so here’s a list which will open a new browser window for easy reading:

As usual, I’m moving forward with The Littlest Atheist battles Goodie The Gospel Peanut. The Peanut just made his first official appearance as this lighthearted storyline gets a bit darker.

Keep coming to for Joovia updates!