Los Angeles. Currently renting a posh town home in one of the upscale suburbs.
Model and entrepreneur.
She loves shopping–loves it!! Especially her own shopping style which she calls “extreme-shopping,” buying fashion items insanely over her budget until all her money has vanished and then she hopes for a miracle to bring her more money to cover rent and bills. It’s the risky lifestyle of a fashion diva but small miracles happen to Joovia every day (she knows the secret of opening mens’ wallets with a flirtatious wink).

She likes music but favors no particular style or band, as long as it sounds good and her earphones look cool. She also dates rock stars and has had 6 love songs written about her as well as one spiteful song by a musician she dumped (he wouldn’t shave that awful goat tee, it was scratchy when they kissed).

Primarily a joyful spirit,  she is relaxed, balanced and healthy. Joovia is blessed to avoid the everyday annoyances that the rest of us experience. She always finds the missing third quarter coin in the laundry room. She never received one virus in an email attachment and the Nigerians actually sent her money instead of trying to scam her.  All sales with designer brand names are in her size and color in any department store–which irritates the hell out of her girlfriends. In the distant past she would have been burned as a witch for being too damn lucky.

Joovia likes to be around her many friends. Her close friends, The Twins Mya and Debby, and Stephen, all agreed to meet every Monday to socialize and help others. They call their meeting “Monday’s Movement”. Well meaning but fraught with peril, Joovia’s neighbors stay inside the safety of their homes on Mondays.

Since her last break up Joovia is not looking for anything serious in her personal life. So yes, she is single, ask her out now (as long as you drive a Lamborghini, that is).

You can meet her: Joovia