Doyle the Guinea Pig

Doyle Bio


Doyle the Guinea Pig

Seattle, WA
Homemaker who has to clean up, as he puts it, “after the slobs.” Cooks, cleans and does laundry so he doesn’t have to pay the rent. Although, what kind of people make a pet guinea pig pay rent?
Likes The Food Network. Was once a Martha Stewart Fan, switched to Rachel Ray and now doesn’t care for either of them and is looking for a new celebrity baking mentor.

Doyle is also a fan of horror movies, to the point where he takes it too far. Has been known to mess with Scott’s head and try to scare the bejeezus out of him.

He finds human relationships messy and disgusting and doesn’t understand why “mating” is so damn hard to do. Currently, he has no desire to mate and has been hitting the snooze on his biological clock. His reasoning is that he has to be picky, or his female mate will eat the young.

You can meet him: The Cynic