Kevin Richey


Kevin Richey

Seattle, WA
Burgertown Employee, Min-mart Cashier, one time used bookstore owner. Mainly he takes jobs on a survival basis. Would like to write fiction for a living but can never seem to finish a story. Will most likely be age sixty, greeting people at Walmart (and then giving them the finger behind their backs).

Favorite author is Sinclair Lewis but will also readily read Stephen King. Likes being depressed and definitely likes being cynical, however, he balances his humdrum attitude with the realization that we are better off now then in the dark ages–only he himself gets less respect than anyone else because he’s overweight.

His greatest triumph was that he slept with Heather, the upstairs neighbor who is an on and off again porn star because she was also overweight at the time. This is how he lost his virginity at the age of 30.

After Heather eventually rejected him, but he recovered to realize that he has a secret crush on Heather’s roommate Sonja. Sonja is oblivious for the most part to his fantasies about her and Kevin feels guilty about imagining her in the nude.

You can meet him: The Cynic