Happy Turkey Day, Holiday Humor

Hey, we made it to CGB Comic News #2–but that’s because I’m writing and not the slacker site owners. Pretty much I can write whatever I want as long as I just write so I’m just going to highlight some holiday humor.

Frenetic Funnies pokes fun of Turkey Day–I usually try to draw one Thanksgiving parody a year, though it gets harder every time. There’s only so much you can do to make fun of this holiday. But we added Turkey Surprise and Fake Death Turkey. Both cartoons are a bit morbid, but shouldn’t throw you off your leftovers feast sitting in the fridge.

Bible Belt, New Comic Strip for the Not-So-Religious–If you prayed before you jumped into the mashed potatoes then you might not like this comic strip. It’s not that offensive though, it just has a girl who asks alot of uncomfortable questions of a priestly figure who thinks he has all the answers. This week they celebrated Thanksgiving together over on Freethunk.net. If you want to start reading the comic strip at the beginning the direct link is here. Bible Belt is daily and so far the artist has not taken credit for his work (and no, it’s not me, completely different cartooning style).

Hilarious Animated Video About the Gay Debate–One of Joovia’s best friends is gay so he might appreciate “God Hates Gay People,” a cartoon that covers all of the arguments. This video really did crack me up which is why I’m highlighting it. I don’t think it’s been seen by enough people yet.

Heather’s Blonde Adventures–soooo close to wrapping up. If you’re not signed in you won’t see the latest. I believe we have one more strip to go in the current storyline of “Java Juggies.”

Joovia’s Death by Snake–Like I said in our last news update, I love the ending to this Animal Planet commercial shoot with Joovia. Just funny for the sake of funny. I hope to see a real model try it someday.

As we wind down some of the series, such as Quax and Heather’s Blonde Adventures, I’ll be adding to the parody cartoons and even Halloween Funnies section (I love Halloween all year around). I believe I even have some Christmas cartoons that are horrific enough that they will go under the Halloween Funnies section. When I do I’ll let you know, plus tell you my favorite Christmas horror movies of all time.