New Comics News Update – Almost 1500 Users on CGB

CGB (Comics Gone Bad) has decided to add weekly news to give you updates on the latest online comics offerings and so you can use this text feature as a guide to pop open the most current comic posts. We’ll start within our immediate network of sites and if you are a producer of online comics then drop us an Email so we can check out your feature ( We want to support other artists even as we proceed with our own creations and we would love to get interesting news bits, torrid gossip and possibly even interviews with other creators.

Joovia Wears an Anaconda – Joovia, the hottest redhead in webcomics, has added her 26th page. I know it may not sound like much to some online readers, but 26 pages is a lot considering most comics creations die an early death due lack of interest by either the audience or the artist. Joovia struggled for existence under the helm of Attila Jancsina and so far has gained readership. The best way to describe the feature is that it is a web comic strip in a larger format with a combination of the naughty and nice humor.

Attila has insisted on keeping his character Joovia sweet while there have been some behind the scenes battles to literally turn her into a porn star by site owner Levid. I admit I have pushed for some nude scenes myself  (as I would get to draw them, heh, heh) but we have often had to compromise (some nudity allowed as long as we keep her nice and sexy versus sleazy). I agree with many of the decisions as this is not a sleazy comic strip but a more innocent one that shows a little T&A here and there for fun. The humor is supposed to make you feel good versus some of the darker humor of the other features.

This week Joovia is literally wrestling with an Anaconda as she shoots her Animal Planet commercial spot to promote the channel. Now who in their right mind would drape an Anaconda over a gorgeous model–it’s supposed to be a boa constrictor!  The 27th page which will be added this coming Tues has a hilarious conclusion.

Quax Gone Bad Gone Apocalyptic – This experiment of a comic strip keeps getting worse and worse. This week we see Stubbly, the fattest of the duck characters, become more violent because he wants to kill a celebrity. Yes, I’m sure you’ve considered some Disney-themed hunting yourself at one time if you’ve gotten caught in a crowded line for the Indiana Jones ride that takes for friggin’ forever. Quax will be winding up Series 1 by December and it’s destined to be despicable, not for all tastes and a very repulsive so far. If you want to begin reading the good version and go to the bad version then start here. It’ll waddle you along the oddball storyline that is sort of like a bad dream when you eat right before going to bed.

Heather’s Java Juggies Storyline Wrapping Up – The R-rated strip that can only be read Inside CGB. That is, you have to register for a free membership (takes two seconds, all we need is an email address, user and pass) and you can read all 25 flesh colored comic strips. Heather’s Blonde Adventures can be found under The Cynic tab after you sign in as new options appear when logged in. The current storyline for “Java Juggies” will be ending next week and then will take a break until the new year. We may add some holiday comic strips though once we get in the festive mood. Unlike Joovia, Heather is a character from The Cynic comic strip who actually is supposed to be a porn star (of sorts) but it’s not meant to be dirty, more like silly nudity and, well…okay, there’s dirty humor but it’s all in good fun!