Introducing Quax, A Good Comic Strip About Ducks

Caricature of Arthur Lange, half owner of ComicsGoneBad

 For those who don’t know me, I am Arthur Lange.  This is my first post–or rather small article, I’ve made comments on the site before (mostly out of disappointment that my ideas weren’t done correctly). I am the other half of Levid & Lange, a web based company that started this comics site experiment. I decided it was about time I wrote an article in defense of keeping Quax a “good” comic strip instead of going bad because I’m having trouble even keeping the comic strip good while in our trial “good” phase. 

The concept of this site, while still new, is to test out comic strip ideas and have fun with them. I am of the school that comic strips are enjoyed in the traditional format of 4 panels with a gag or joke at the end. This does not mean I am a prude or an “old fart” and I do not disparage the new crop of web comics that have exploded on the scene. Simply put, I think the traditional format is one of the best-loved formats and time has proven that this format works. 

Therefore, I asked our resident cartoonist Jeff Swenson to come up with a comic strip featuring a pair of ducks. I’m fond of ducks as I walk by them every weekend when I go to a nearby park, as my dog insists on it. Each duck is a character in its own right and I thought, what a great idea for a first “good” comic strip for Unfortunately, many of my ideas for Quax have been, shall we say, thwarted by either my partner Levid (who can’t resist tampering with my work) or by Jeff Swenson thinking his idea are funnier than mine. I’m not sure which it is in most cases because they don’t like to update me with who made what decision. 

I have since put my foot down and the next series of strips will be to my liking or there will be you-know-what to pay. This strip isn’t about politics, using questionable language or anything gory or scary. It’s just about making the best funny there is. If for some reason, after say 24 strips, we don’t have a feature that seems marketable, I will relinquish the idea and it will go bad based on a set of  criteria Levid and I have agreed upon. Then we will start over with another idea as I do not plan to give up on the traditional comic strip format. Until then, Quax needs to get back to the roots of being a stand-out comic strip that doesn’t remind us of the mess of the outside world.

With that said, Jeff, Attila and I have come up with names for the Ducks–finally! Here they are.

So we have “Durwin”, who is reasonably smart (for a duck) but susceptible to trouble; “Stubbly” (named for his crew cut), who is somewhat slow but a good fellow; and we have “Claude”, who is likable but a schemer and not to be trusted.

We will also be featuring a grumpy park caretaker named “Caretaker Jones” who in many ways is the the duck’s nemesis, if you will.

So look forward every Friday to a new Quax comic strip. The ducks will be doing what most ducks do–begging for food–as well as park activities and interactions with the Caretaker. Feel free to leave your feedback on each comic strip–I know I will–as it helps decide the direction of the comic strip. I know you’ll enjoy the humor if we can whip our cartoonist into shape.